“Reports of Our Retirement Have Been Greatly Exaggerated”

Recently, more and more people are asking us when did we retire.  Well, actually, we haven’t!  It might be the whole California thing. There is no doubt we’ve cut back. 60-hour weeks are over and that’s just fine with us. And, we’re still going strong!
We want you to know that even though we aren’t advertising webinars, we are still doing them. Especially on;
  • EIV
  • Occupancy
  • Fair Housing
  • COS classes and renewal for COS
This is a short list of what we are doing in the training department.  We will also customize a class to meet your organization’s needs.
We are also focusing more on the nitty gritty of HUD regulations.  We’re working with clients to renew their HAP contracts, prepare budget based rent increases and beyond.
We are doing the very important work of helping clients understand how HUD regulations apply to their properties. For example, small non-profits appear to have lower rents because they are inadvertently absorbing costs that should be included when calculating rent increases.
So, why not call us to discuss your concerns with you and suggest ways to help you over come the obstacles standing in your way.
Having a conversation with us will cost you nothing, but may benefit you a lot!
We’d love to hear your thoughts. Send us an email at nstary@newalt.net
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