Who We Are

Jim and Nickie Stary provide management-consulting services to the low-income subsidized housing industry under the name New Alternatives.  Our Mission Statement is simple and straight forward, “We are committed to providing a cost-effective, holistic approach to management issues.”  This reflects our philosophy that the best way to approach a problem is with an open mind.

In 1999 Jim, BA, COS, CGPM, recognized that there was an unmet need for sources of information on a wide range of topics affecting the low-income housing industry. With 40+ years of experience in the field including 10 years working at HUD and over 12 years as Director of Regulatory Compliance for a private developer with a portfolio of 30,000+ units including 8,500+ units of HUD-subsidized and/or insured housing, Jim is in a unique position to meet those needs. Since then, his clients have included a HUD Contract Administrator, managers and owners of non-profit subsidized housing, Housing Authorities, Housing Associations, and profit-motivated owners.

Nickie, RN, M.Ed., COS, has over 15 years extensive hands-on experience, including working as a site manager and occupancy specialist in various senior housing communities, conducting MOR prep training, and webinars on all facets of subsidized housing. Nickie is in a unique position to understand what front line staff is experiencing and train them in their working environment. Her clients have included managers and owners of non-profit subsidized housing, Housing Associations and profit-motivated owners. Nickie has an extensive educational background having developed and presented numerous educational programs locally and nationally.  Nickie’s educational background includes a degree in Nursing, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master of Education degree in Adult Education and Organizational Development.