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Well, hello! I know it has been quite a while since you’ve heard from me, but between the holidays, vacation and being sick, the end of the 2016 got away from me.  Let me start by saying ‘Happy New Year’!  On New Years’ Eve I saw the following post: “May 2017 be so epic that 2016 is jealous.”  This is a great sentiment and a wonderful way to start the New Year.

To liven things up, I’m going to borrow from David Letterman and start off with HUD’s top ten. Or at least my opinion of what HUD’s top ten topics are.

10. Dealing with the hoarder

9. Disability rights in HUD housing

8. REACs matter!

7. Importance of having a good maintenance team

6. EIV and all things EIV that you need to remember

5. Veterans and homeless

4. The effects of senior isolation as it exists in subsided housing

3. Fair Housing

2. Bed bugs, are they still around

1. Occupancy and compliance and a very short overview on MOR’s

These ten nuggets are the topics I will be blogging on for the next few months.  I will be starting with number 1 and working my way to 10.

Hope everyone is catching up after the holidays.

I will be back next week


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